Life has its ultimate source in health. As it is, this will, I believe, not be changed in future, however forward the world may go and however different it may become.

There are now all sorts of pharmaceuticals which are put on the public market and given by physicians to their patients, pharmaceuticals that are used for keeping your health good as well as for curing you of disease.

Naturally, it would be really fortunate of you, if you should be able to make a living without any pharmaceuticals, which ideal situation I am hoping for all the times.

With rapidly changing living conditions around you, however, in reality all of you are made to live in the environment where more effective and sophisticated pharmaceuticals are required, whether you like it or not. On the common understanding of such inevitable circumstances, Yamaguchi is making sustained efforts to supply and distribute outstanding active pharmaceutical ingredients and formulation in the best possible way.

Although Yamaguchi group is a rather small organization, it is my earnest desire of being a company which can be helpful to everyone making a living with good health, physically and mentally.

With increasingly changing society of today, Yamaguchi is determined to contribute to happiness of everyone and to great prosperity of the society in which you are supported, by making the best use of the company’s managerial resources, such as manpower, organization, and information etc., all put together and well balanced.

Any assistance and suggestions you may make, would be highly appreciated.

Shigemasa Akiyoshi