Product name Effect IM stands for Imported Material.
stands for Manufactured in Japan.
5-FU(Fluorouracil) Anti-metabolite IM
Dilazep Hydrochloride Cardiovascular System MJ
Zotepine CNS Agent MJ
Levomepromazine Maleate CNS Agent MJ
Propericiazine CNS Agent MJ
Pindolol Anti-hypertension MJ
Sucralfate Peptic Ulcer MJ
Cefmetazole Sodium Antibacterial IM
Etizolam Hypnosedative MJ
Dextromethorphan HBr. Cough Suppressant IM
Salicylamide Analgesic/Anti-inflammation MJ
Carbinoxamine Maleate Anti-histamine Agent IM
Serrapeptase Enzyme Preparation MJ
Naproxen Analgesic/Anti-inflammation IM
L-Cysteine Expectorant MJ

Apart from products mentioned above, Yamaguchi has been dealing with hundreds of active pharmaceutical ingredients, intermediates and raw materails as well. So, please don't hesitate to contact us about your inquiries.

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